Why is The World Media silent on killing Burma’s Innocent Muslim?

Have you ever think of this recent issue at least once in your life?

Why  the Muslim are being killing by Burma’s Buddhist monk?

And why the Medias are silent?

Watch the video below

Killing innocent burma’s muslim    click on link to view the video

stop killing burma's muslim 1














burma's buddist killing mualim 9

stop killing burma's muslim 5










stop killing burma's muslim 4

myanmar 2

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104 Responses to Why is The World Media silent on killing Burma’s Innocent Muslim?

  1. kabiruoffa says:

    Allah SW will reward all our brothers and sisters with Aljannah Firdaus and forgive them their sins. As for the Buddhist, I pray that Allah should deal with them accordingly.

  2. Lanhb says:

    No point in them being monks anymore…killing the innocent shows that they don’t even understand their own religion…

    Truly a shame to Buddhism…

  3. Reza says:

    Pathethic and inhuman barbarism. Nature will punish them.

  4. Al yausarie says:

    Inna lillahi wa innailaihi rajiun..

  5. Tahir Javaid says:

    Where i s human rights commission in Burma. The human right commission is commissioned against Muslims only. All ki lanat ho tum per.

    Stop killing

  6. jannah says:

    why the so-called UN and world human rights organisations turn blind eyes on these inhuman and barbaric massacres? they are absolutely bias, equally inhuman and cannot be trusted as protectors of humanity

  7. Sashay says:

    Ya Allah kabul all doas to protect all Muslims in the world

  8. mila says:

    Astagfirllahaladzim..kejam sekali.

  9. noeng says:

    innaa lillaahi wainnaa ilaihi roojiun.. give mercy to them yaa Allah.. bring them to your heaven

  10. Azballia says:

    The main reason is that there is nothing deserving in return to pressure Burma to stop the genocide! The Arabs are busy chasing the world’s dream and kept busy too by another aggressor supported subserviently by the sole superpower. The OIC as usual, Oh! I See! The only hope is ASEAN to tame Burma. Malaysia as the present chairman will have to take the lead.

  11. AnneManson says:

    Were they cooking the flesh and consume it? That’s just sick. That’s beyond violating human rights. Appalling.

  12. If they were Christians or people of other faiths, I am sure the UN would have acted immediately!

  13. agung says:

    Inna lillahi wa inaillahi rojiun…smga d trima d sisi NYA…amiin y robbal allamiiin….

  14. yinchuun says:

    Why wants to do this to create war??? is this what the religion teach you?

  15. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun,
    give mercy of them ya allah, keep them on your hand,

  16. Abby says:

    No humanity Wery nasty

  17. Ishtiaque says:

    Buddhist are the real haters not only in burma but also in srilanka muslims are persecuted
    #Buddhism fails in it claim to be peaceful

  18. Raji Ahmed says:

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun

  19. Sami says:

    If there was oil there then definitely US and other powers would be concern

  20. MrDDR says:

    When they fight back they will be lable as terrorist

  21. ocho onda says:

    Why is the world media silent? What a stupid question as if you are ignorant of the hypocrisy of the governments of these western nations that control the world media, who are more than willing to condone any inhumane atrocities of any ruling regimes so long as their own protracted economic interests are protected. The suffering of the Rohinyans, who are deemed as a consequential collateral damage, are of not importance to the capitalist conglomerates. And the biggest hypocrites of all are the oil rich Muslim nations as well as Bangladesh which have not lifted a finger to help alleviate the plight of these God forsaken people. George Galloway is right. Where is the Umrah and why are they so silent, of all people! Money talks and bullshit walks, as always.

  22. Erwin Tan says:

    Sign~ What this world had become? Its all human’s doing. All religious beech peace and mercy. And practice good deeds. But man always have excuses for all wrong doing. And they will make use of the faith man had for their own god belief to influence their followers.

    Stop all killings.

  23. ahmaf says:

    Ya Allah lindungilah kami dari perbuatan keji dan mungkar.Amiiin

  24. magu says:

    why no media? because the muslims are no fighting back. they cant do anything so it is OKAY to kill them. if they fight back, defend themselves, there will be media + DEMOCRACY incoming to them

  25. airy says:

    Innalilla hi wainna ilahi rajiunn. Allah hu ala kulli syai’in qadir.

  26. Ahsan says:

    This is something the whole world should fight against… No matter what religion they belong no one deserve to be killed like this… May Allah protect all Muslim brothers and sisters…

  27. Kathleen Tindall says:

    I don’t care what society thinks. I believe we are all brothers and sisters under God or whatever name you call Him. This massacre was senseless killing of innocent people because of their beliefs. I thought that we as the human race would be over this by now.

  28. hamba Allah says:

    Innalilahi wainnailaihi roji’un.. Always pray for all of them

  29. TAUFIQI ASMIN says:

    Where is USA??? Where is Australia?? Where is UN?? They just silent..

  30. Rush Ganesan says:

    senseless human being

  31. wakhid says:

    subhanalloh…benarkah kebiadapan itu terjadi?

  32. Gempur….. dan hancurkan BURMA Negara BIKSU BIADAB….!!!!
    Semoga ALLAH mengirim Bencana dahsyat ke BURMA, amen,,,,,!!!!

    • riza says:

      they never realize what an evil of being a monk
      they don’t even care about another people, and yet the people are care about them
      and now that is how they threat us,
      why? because we are weak? hasn’t they ever seen their weakness were covered by us
      didn’t they ever seen we never threat people and them like that …
      is that how their good god teach them?
      what kind of goddess whom destroying their own creature
      my lord has never do that
      my lord is always care ’bout peoples…
      even in war … we only fight what attacking on us
      we never kill non the killer…
      Ya Allah make them pay it more than they thought

  33. astagfirullahaladzim.

  34. solus says:

    Fuck you Myanmar Buddhist! Hope you all die like a stray dog!

  35. sitiaisha2 says:

    Why?? How can anyone be this cruel…. What religion teach this?? 😈evil

  36. commenting sins are sins whatever the religion is?
    who they performing these type sins they had no religion at all .

  37. KhiZra Kamran says:

    Stop killing please .we pray for you

  38. zarina naz says:


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